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Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:United States of America
8 1/2, a shropshire lad, activated activities, adrian veidt, ae housman, affairs, alexander the great, amerikanisch judisch musik, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, ancient greece, anders als die andern, anne carson, argyle, asking ozymandias about college, baking, batman, being an old man, being better than you, bothering beau, boys, bright green, business, casablanca, cats, chess, cloning, clothes, comic books, david aaronson, david bowie, davie aaronson, djarum specials, edith piaf, education, em forster, epic love affairs, experimental education, fighting fascists, frank o'hara, genetic engineering, german literature, germany, giant psychic squids, going dancing, gymnastics, hammerstein, handsome boys, handsome men, hedwig, henrik egerman's cello, hephastion, house md, humanitarian activities, i'm an english major., indie, irving berlin, isabel allende, john cage, johns, killing nazis, krzysztof penderecki, lavender, lorca, lord byron, m, magical realism, marlene dietrich, mary oliver, mauve, meglomania, men, men in owl costumes, mike and psmith, modern dance, molesting dan dreiberg, molesting nite owl, money, morrissey, mt anderson, musical theatre, musik, nevermind the buzzcocks, north by northwest, opera, oscar wilde, pacifism, passionate raging affairs, percy bysshe shelley, periwinkle, pianists, piano, plaid, poetry, pretty boys, pretty men, psmith, purple, qi, queer issues, raging passionate affairs, rilke, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, romanticism, russia, russian literature, sartorial matters, secular humanism, slash, spanish literature, specific dream rabbits, squids, stephen fry, stock trading, sweater vests, synthpop, teaching, tears for fears, techno, the angry inch, the authority, the life of alexander, the man who laughs, the mountain goats, the new york school, the prince, the spanish language, thomas mann, torchwood, utilitarianism, vegetarianism, violet, wagner, watchmen, winning, wodehouse, wrecking nite owl, your face, your face's mom, your mom, your mom's face, ~*~ryan evans~*~
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